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Dog Rabies

Rabies is one of the most common viruses that affect animals, especially dogs. Though the rate of humans dying out of rabid dog bites is quite less in America, the deaths due to rabies infection are high among developing countries. It has been estimated that even today, in spite of invention of effective rabies vaccinations at least one person dies of rabies infection every ten minutes. As a responsible pet owner you are recommended to keep your pet from the circumstances that may lead to dog rabies. The following are some of the symptoms that may indicate the occurrence of rabies.

Rabies can actually be divided into two main forms, furious rabies and dumb rabies.

Dog Rabies Symptoms

o The behavior of the dog drastically changes. It would become very aggressive and the innate nature of being scared of human beings will become absent. It would have the increased tendency of biting objects and human beings even without any provocation. The dog would have the strange willingness to bite objects like sticks, straw and objects of mud.

o The affected pet dog would have the tendency of running away from the confined premises of the home. It would rather prefer to wander aimlessly. It would become restless and bite any animal that would come on its way.

o The sound of the bark of the dog would also change. The voice would become very coarse and may also lose the capacity to bark. The larynx of the dog gets immensely affected as the laryngeal muscles become paralyzed.

o The rate of salivation would increase. Saliva dropping from the affected dog would be noticed. Foamy secretion will be seen from the corners of the mouth.

o The paralytic stage is the advanced stage of the disease. The dog becomes inactive and lands up in coma and then ultimately dies.

The dumb type of rabies is rather short term. The dog dies within a week after the symptoms of rabies are seen. In the dumb form of rabies the dog tends to be less active and would prefer to be in its own self.

You must take your pup to a good vet clinic and get it vaccinated so that it is safe from the attack of the virus causing rabies. You should learn proper health care of your dog along with effective steps to save your dog and your family from a fatal rabies infection.

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