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Dog Food - What's Best For Your Shih Tzu?

I have had dogs all my life. As a child my family had dogs that basically belonged to no one in particular but rather, they belonged to the family in general, they were simply a part of us. I remember that little thought was given to what the dogs ate. Whether it was scraps from the table or whatever commercial dog food that happened to be on sale.

My dogs lived long and full lives without anyone worrying if they were getting the proper nutrition needed. But fast forward to nowadays and things are very different. We know much more about nutrition and the specific needs of our dogs, and even how that changes at various stages in their lives.

Are Dog Food Promotions Correct?

Most dog owners prefer to feed their pet commercial dog food. This method is convenient and most people trust that the dog food will meet the nutritional requirements of their pet. These owners are doing what they feel is the best thing they can to provide a great diet for their dog.

Dog food has been promoted as being everything your pet needs. Dog owners that choose commercial dog food over feeding their pet human food are confident that they are doing the right thing. In fact, some would argue that owners that cook for their pets are neglectful of some of the nutritional needs of the pet. After all, dog food is especially formulated for dogs, right?

Processed Food is not a great choice!

Try convincing one of these people that a dog and a human both need similar nutritional foods. It’s not that easy. However, no matter how you look at it, or what you believe a dog should eat as opposed to humans, processed food is still processed food! Commercial dog food is manufactured, which means it goes through various steps of processing, and has preservatives included, as well as other additives before it is packaged and delivered to merchants. Each step in this process reduces the food’s quality and reduces its nutritional value.

I cook for Molly and Ben (my Shih Tzu) daily. They mostly eat a mixture of vegetables, rice, beef and gravy. It is a sort of beef stew concoction. They seem to be very healthy and I do not have any plans of changing their diet to commercial dog food. However, I do supplement their diet with a vegetarian dog food by mixing a small amount of it in the stew mixture.

Source by Deb Allen

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