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Dog Biting - Handling the Problem

Dog biting is an indication of dog aggression. The behavior is something that no dog owner would want to experience especially to the family members. There are critical factors that affect this kind of behavior. Although this is a problem, you also have to take note that there are acceptable reasons for dogs to bite and territorial aggression can be acceptable. This is the reason why there are guard dogs. The intention is to show aggression to trespassers and biting is acceptable. However, other than this, there are ways to reduce incidence of dog biting. You only have to understand your dog very well, in terms of its physical and behavioral makeup.

There are many breeds of dog. You wouldn’t expect play dogs to have high incidence of biting but there are cases of biting especially when unfamiliar faces become confident to assume that he knows him very well.

Aggression comes in different aspects. The tendency to show superiority is triggered because of a dog’s feeling of threat on his territory, possession, and status. When a threat is present, the defense mechanism is to bite.

Handling dog biting problem starts with prevention and this happens when the puppy enters the family circle. It is important to communicate and make him understand his rank as a member of the family. When he accepts that he is inferior, he knows that hurting a superior member is unacceptable.

During a puppy’s early stages of his life, it is important to hand feed him and teach and train him how to eat slowly. Also, correcting him when he jumps or chase people, or growl. At this early stage of his life, the message has to be clear on what is acceptable behavior and not. Your attention is very important in training your dog.

Petting your dog by patting his head is helpful but if your dog has an aggressive behavior, you have to train him to sit and heel before patting his head. This gives the message that the rules come from you and he needs to follow them.

There are other approaches in handling and preventing dog biting problems. It is important to be guided by a proper dog training material to avoid such serious behavioral problems in the future.

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