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Dog Behaviour Problems

A dog’s behavioural problems may arise from a whole manner of possibilites,however the onus of getting rid of them falls upon the owner for the safety of themselves, the public and ultimately the dog. Proper correction of a dog’s behavioural problems may in fact save the dogs life – so it’s important to take action!

Let’s first focus on potential problems you may be experiencing from your dog:

  • Biting/Chewing

  • Excessive Barking

  • Toilet Problems

  • Disobedience

  • Aggressive Behaviour

The good news is these are all curable! And with a little bit of patience and commitment from you, you can develop a more rewarding relationship from your dog.

For a dog to be correctly trained it needs boundaries and guidance from you. A dog must realise he is a guest in your house and that you are the master/dominant figure and that you command respect. For you to be most effective its important to remember:

  • To be assertive in your tone and manner but not aggressive.

  • Be consistent in your approach and try to get others involved with the dog to follow the same principles.

  • Never hit the dog, it can be damaging physically and mentally.

  • Always encourage behaviour you approve of. Offer praise and treats.

  • Offer leadership not dominance.

  • Never leave an untrained puppy alone – it will follow its instincts and do unwanted things around your house!

Want help curing your dogs behaviour problems? Save yourself a lot of time by learning the secrets to dog training. It becomes much more rewarding when your dog is obedient.

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