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Dog Behavior Patterns - A Complete Guide

In this article we have provided a complete guide to some of the most common dog behavior patterns that you are likely to see in your dog or puppy. Of course every dog ​​is different with differing characteristics – consequently we have provided a guide to some of the characteristics that you might see in your dog or puppy. So lets get started.

Jealous – This is one of the most common patterns to see in dogs or puppies where a new member has been added to the family, it might be another puppy, cat or even a baby. To alleviate some of the characteristics try and include your pooch in everything that you do so that the jealousy can subside.

Pack Leader – This is when your pooch thinks that they are the Alpha Male and the leader of the pack ie the family. You may have been a weak leader or let your pooch get away with too much. You will need to get your authority back by walking through the door first, eating before your pooch, never letting your pooch sleep in the same bed as you and never allowing your pooch to be fed on a higher level than you and the family. This is when Cesar Millan uses the 'Alpha Roll' when he forces the dog on to its back and keeps it there until he has accepted you as the Pack Leader.

Boredom – This is when a dog has become bored and not stimulated enough. This can lead to destruction around the House including objects being chewed and even digging in the garden.

Nervous – This is when your pooch is nervous and displays anxious behavior. This might be because your pooch has been treated badly in the past. You may notice that your dog cowers when you approach or exhibits submissive urination. To combat this common problem try not to be too overbearing around your dog or puppy and never lean over him or display aggressive tendencies as this will only make the problem worst.

By understanding dog behavior patterns you will not only be able to train your dog faster but your relationship will also grow.

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