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Dog Bathing Tips

Bath time for your pouch can be fun time or it can be a time you might not want to deal with, dog bathing tips can put you in position to make bath time an enjoyable experience for you and your dog. You want your dog to associate bath time with something pleasant, the trick is to surround your dog with things that he or she enjoys. For instance a favorite chew toy could accompany your dog into the tub or wash area. Preferably you would like your dog to enter the tub or bathing area without you having to drag them to the wash area. So be prepared to exercise some patience during your initial foray into the bathing process. A rubber ball thrown into the tub can act as an inducement to get your dog into the water.

Make sure that the water is of moderate temperature, not too hot and not too cold. You will need to obtain a good dog shampoo product. Your local pet supply store carries a wide variety of shampoo’s for your dog. Its a good idea to consult your veterinarian if you’re not sure of which product to choose. When in the pet supply store ask for a mild shampoo, you want to get your dog clean but you don’t want to strip the skin or fur of natural oils. It is suggested that you give your dog a few treats to lead him into the tub. As he gets into the tub praise him and give him a treat, this will provide positive reinforcement and show your dog that the bathing experience is a pleasant one.

To start washing your dog, after he has entered the tub use a large cup or pail and pour water over him, be sure to avoid getting water into the eyes or ears. If you prefer you can purchase a sprayer that attaches to your faucet or shower head to facilitate the process. Once your dog is thoroughly wet you can apply shampoo beginning with the nape of the neck and rubbing in throughout the body, again be sure not to get any shampoo into the eyes or ears. You can use a soft shower sponge or brush to thoroughly clean your pet, these can be purchased from your local pet supply store. After shampooing rinse and repeat, then get a large absorbent towel, rap it around your dog and dry him off. At this point be sure to lavish your dog with praise and treats to celebrate a successful bathing. And finish the process by playing a game that your dog enjoys like run and fetch this will help reinforce for your dog that bath time is fun time.

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