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Dog Anxiety Separation Drama - My Terrier is Going to Get Me Evicted!

If your dog is exhibiting destructive behavior then you are both actors in your own Dog Anxiety Separation Drama. You will never see it on Broadway, but the stage is set every time you leave the house for work or go an errand. As if its not bad enough to know that your dog is having an emotional meltdown when you leave, now you are facing eviction and costly repair bills. Here is some insight as to why your dog falls into his dog separation anxiety pattern and how you can start to dig him out.

First, a little background into the nature of dogs. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that dogs are pack animals. Except you, your family and perhaps other pets are now his pack. Your dog considers his human family to be his main social group. When your dog becomes separated from his ‘pack’ this make him anxious and he engages in dog anxiety separation problem behaviors like digging a hole in the carpet or howling forever.

Second, you need to understand that a key component for successful treatment of dog separation related distress is for you, the dog parent, to understand that the dog is not trying to ‘get back at you’ or exacting revenge on you. His destructive or annoying behavior is deeply entwined in his anxiety over losing connection to his pack.

Third, stop telegraphing your own anxiety when you are about to take an action that you know will invoke poochy’s dog anxiety separation drama. Do you wake up in the morning, down the coffee, linger too long in the shower, put on your work uniform and then, finally smooch up the dog before you leave for the day? Think about what you just communicated to him.

No, he doesn’t speak humanese, but you did tell him something. You don’t realize it, but your routine, tone of voice, attention and then feeding has just communicated to your dog that you are about to leave the pack and here’s some chow to tide your over. You gave him the key to get ready to start his drama and then reinforced the dog’s anxiety by feeding him breakfast!

For pet owners, dog anxiety separation is one of the most common problems pet parents have to deal with. Its very easy to get caught accidentally teaching or reinforcing your dog’s anxiety separation behavior. Animal behaviorists have a number of different protocols that they can call on to help you get your dog out of this destructive pattern.

Counter-conditioning is one and its where you work with your dog in order to break the routine that leads to his dog anxiety. This also helps decrease his nervousness. The dog is taught to sit or down or stay in a certain area where the dog feels comfortable while the owner prepares to depart. There’s more to this training, but that ‘s the general plan.

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