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Different Ways Your Dog Is Trying To Communicate With You and What This Means

Dogs have their own special way when attempting to communicate with their human friends. They will bark in a certain way to get their humans attention. Some will jump on their human friend if they haven’t seen them for a certain time.

With most dogs being away from their best friend is a very lonely experience. When they see their human friend at the end of the day they will react to this. Your dog is very aware of your presence and will be very affectionate if he or she has not seen you for a long period of time.

Dogs have different ways of showing their affection and actually use body language to convey their feelings. You dog will display these actions as way of getting your attention. They will also display a pattern which often involves play. They will often bark at you in a low voice when they feel that you are not giving them proper attention. This attention often requires petting them often which lets them understand that you are not going away.

Dogs use various movements and body positions to communicate their feelings.just as humans do. Their body language is more obvious than humans. Many humans are unaware of the body language they are conveying. Dogs use body language on purpose as they can not speak in words. Body language is a form of non-verbal communication. This means your dog can express his or hers intentions through their body movements and position such as lying down in a certain way. Of course how you interpret their body language depends on how well you know your dog and the behavior of dogs in general.

Dogs will even use their ears to communicate. They will often heighten or flatten their ears to convey certain emotions. When they heightened their ears they ready for play or are curious about something nearby. When they flatten their ears they are in a very content place such as being petted or cuddled.

Their tall is another indicator of their mood or intentions. How a dog wags his tail is one of the best ways to understand your dogs behavior. When a dogs holds his tail high this could mean he feels dominant. If he or she holds their tail low this could be a sign of aggression or just mean they are being submissive.

Understanding your dogs behavior will take time and patience. There are resources on the internet that can help you with this. But remember your dog is an intelligent creature that requires your friendship. Some of the things he or she does can be controlled but only with the proper training.

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