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Daniel Kamen Is the First Animal Chiropractic Pioneer

Spinal adjustments and preventative chiropractic care isn’t just for two-legged mammals. Animal chiropractic wellness is a fast-growing cottage industry-must to the chagrin of some veterinary groups, which are trying to prevent seminars of the topic from taking place.

For example, in 1995 chiropractor Daniel Kamen held his first animal chiropractic technique seminar that was open to the general public as well as licensed chiropractors and veterinarians. It sold out. And so did the next. Since then, he has conducted more than 400 seminars and written three bestselling books on the subject: The Well Adjusted Dog, The Well Adjusted Horse, and The Well Adjusted Cat. However, several states have banned Kamen from speaking on the basis it was considered a violation of veterinary laws because he was teaching non-professionals to adjust or manipulate their pets.

The states prohibiting seminars on animal chiropractic treatments include Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Washington. Nevada went so far as even threatening legal action if the chiropractor didn’t remove seminar announcements from his website.

Kamen believes it all boils down one thing, and that’s not concern for the animals-it’s all about money. He believes vets are worried clients will opt against expensive hip dysplasia surgery, which can cost as much as $5,000, if pet owners can manage the condition on their own through chiropractic techniques.

Kane also shows owners how chiropractic manipulation can help Fido better control his bladder. He claims it takes just four minutes a day and can help prevent in-house accidents. Horse owners have also become devoted followers of Kamen’s tips on keeping horses flexible and physically well-adjusted. He says thoroughbred trainers and barrel racers have embraced his pre-race adjusting treatments that Kamen states can both increase efficiency and reduce run times.

Now retired, Kamen only holds one seminar a year, which attract attendees from all over the world. He recalls the time a Saudi Arabian prince once flew his personal chiropractor to a seminar in Philadelphia so he could learn how to adjust the prince’s prized Arabians.

The animal chiropractic field has advanced to where there is a national veterinary chiropractic association that certifies practitioners. However, currently there are still less than 200 professional animal chiropractors nationwide who work full time at the specialty. And not surprisingly, most veterinary boards have shut out human chiropractors who are also certified in animal chiropractic.

Kamen believed his seminars are so popular because pet owners are frustrated with trying to find chiropractic care for their household pets or show horses that suffered from neck, back, and leg pain. So now, they just have to go to the book store and get one of Kamen’s books.

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