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Correcting Your Small Dog's Behavior the Right Away

Small dogs don’t always come with small personalities. This is partly due to the breeding process as it has evolved over the years and partly due to individual dog character. Anyone who has ever owned a Chihuahua can attest to the fact that this breed of dog will not back down from even the most dangerous of threats.

Many small dogs were specifically bred for their aggressiveness to be used as hunting animals. Others were further bred smaller to serve as nothing more than cute companions, but this did nothing to change their strong hunter personalities. Furthermore, these “toy” breeds seem even less inclined to obey commands than their larger relatives.

Since these dogs have a ancestry as workers, they can quickly become bored if they aren’t kept busy. These little breeds are extremely energetic and need daily exercise. Teach them tricks to focus their minds and make them feel important. Make the dog earn everything he is given. He should never be given a treat without doing something to earn it. This type of free ride can spoil even the best behaved dogs and can make tyrants out of the already head strong toys.

If you let him, the dog will quickly convince himself that he is in charge of the house. This needs to be squashed quickly. The longer you let his tyranicism, fester, the harder it will be to bring him back down to Earth. In nature, the alpha dog always leads the pack. Mimic this natural trait by making the dog follow you instead of leading the way. Do not tolerate his jumping on you or the furniture. Make sure he knows that you hold the top spot in the hierarchy.

Small dogs will always try to test your superiority. If they sense weakness on your part, they will quickly try to take over and become pack leaders. A good training program that instills discipline and gives the dog an outlet for his energy is the best way to stop this natural tendency.

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