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Boomer Dilemma

As a boomer I believe that my concerns are just like the concerns that many other boomers have. We all have many things in common. I would say the two top concerns are wellness and finances. With the first concern it’s the all elusive fountain of youth. We all want to be able to maintain our flexibility, energy and endurance. Yes, we all smile and think to ourselves, “the youth is wasted on the youth”. One day you bend over and wonder where that can of WD 40 is for your joints. Vitality and energy are top on our list that we want to get back into our lives. Right along side vitality and energy is maintaining our youthful looks. At least try to get as close to youthful looks we can get. Man, wasn’t I just 35 the other day! We meet a friend we haven’t seen in years and are taken aback on how old they look. Then we look in the mirror! We begin to realize our mortality through our aches, pains and wrinkles!

Well, the good news is we can get a handle on our wellness. Yes, it’s going take a little change. In fact that is the number one clue to getting on the road to wellness. Changing our attitude is the first thing we have to work on to establish wellness in our life. For many of us this is probably the hardest thing to do. Teaching old dog new tricks is really hard. You have to learn how to find ways to motivate yourself. Reignite the dream. Here is where the fountain of youth is, finding something that really excites you. I strongly suggest that that you should pick more then something that involves just your self interest. There is nothing wrong indulging in one interest i.e. golfing three to four times a week. But we need to leave room for pursuits that give of ourselves. The balance is where the water is the sweetest in the fountain.

Here is another change that I am working on. When I find myself in act of self pity, I have to recognize it. First thing I got to do is to stop myself and change my thought pattern to a positive mode. Here is an example; when I feel a headache coming on; I start to think I feel like crap. Here is where I have to recognize the situation. I say to myself, STOP John, and force myself to rethink. No, l feel great. I am going to get things done. Today is a great day. It’s BEGINNING to be as great day. More often the not this works, especially early on. As all the great teachers say, “As you think, you are”. Remember I talked about attitude. This is where it begins. The one thing we can control is our attitude. No matter what the circumstances are we can control it. Easy to say but we have work on it little by little then all of a sudden we realized we have mastered it!

One habit I have cultivated is reading material that improves my thinking and yes even at this age, my self Image. One of the most recent books I am reading is Awakening the Giant by Tony Robbins. This is a great book to help change our outlook on life. I noticed as I get older I tend to get more cynical. This is not good. This is an attitude many of us boomers get. Instead of becoming wise we become wise asses. This can tear us up. The fountain of youth will be really dry. If you have cyniciatis, get rid of it. Look at all the good things around you and focus on those. You don’t have to look far to see how fortunate you are. Another big drink out of the fountain is gratitude. Thanking our creator for all we have is extremely important. We are truly blind when we don’t see and experience the beauty and wonder around us. When we add this joy and happiness are added flavors to the waters in the fountain. Don’t miss out.

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