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Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

Pitbulls belong to a special dog breed that was developed originally for blood sports, such as dog fighting and bull baiting. These dogs are known for their highly energetic and aggressive behavior, a huge brick-like head, wide jaws, and a medium-sized, muscular appearance. Like every other dog breed, Pitbulls too need a balanced diet rich in carbs, proteins, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins. However, every breed has its own distinctive nutritional requirements, depending on its energy levels and body size. Following is a brief description of the kind of dog food that is best suited for your Pitbull.

A little Pitbull puppy must be fed with premium quality, dry food, made specially to meet nutrition requirements of high breed puppies. A raw diet or dry kibble is the best food that can be given to Pitbull puppies. Although wet food can be given to them in emergency, it should be avoided as it might lead to increased plaque formation on their teeth. However, for puppies that are very young, wet canned dog food, enriched with proteins, is certainly the best choice.

For adult Pitbulls, the kind of food that will best suit them depends largely on the recommendations of the breeder and the local veterinarian. An average-sized Pitbull needs nearly twenty ounces of a balanced meal every month. The meal should be rich in proteins and meat and must meet all the specific nutritional needs of the dog.

The best foods that can be considered for Pitbulls are as follows:

• Dry Food: It is relatively easy to store and less expensive. Premium quality dry food contains ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, bison, and venison. The foods that contain ground corn are usually of low quality. The best brands to be considered in this category include Wellness, Artemis, and Innova Evo.
• Semi-Moist Food: They are quite expensive and primarily made up of meat and water. Their delicious taste is mainly due to their high sugar content. However, prolonged use of these foods can be harmful for the dog's health.
• Canned Food: It is usually considered to be among the best foods for the Pitbulls. The best brands in this category include Wysong, Innova Evo, Wellness, and By Nature Organics.

Raw diet, however, is the best diet that can be given to a Pitbull. It mainly contains game meat, lean red meat, raw eggs, raw beef, turkey backs, and chicken bones, and helps in fostering healthy skin, dental health, digestive health, and a glossy coat.

Source by Kum Martin

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