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Basic Dog Training For Owners

Ideally, basic owner training should begin well before you select your dog. Find out all you can about your chosen breed first, and then master rudimentary training and handling skills. If you are already have your puppy dog, owner training is a dire emergency as the clock is ticking.

Especially for puppies, the first few weeks at home are the most important and influential days in the dog’s life. Indeed, the cause of most adolescent and adult problems may be traced back to the initial days the pup explores her new home.

This is the time to establish the status quo, to teach the puppy dog how you would like her to behave and so prevent otherwise quite predictable problems. In addition to consulting breeders and breed books, seek out as many pet owners with your breed as you can find.

Find out the breed specific problems, so you can nip them in the bud. In particular, you should talk to owners with adolescent dogs and make a list of all anticipated problems. Most important, test drive at least half a dozen adolescent and adult dogs of your breed yourself.

An 8 week old puppy is deceptively easy to handle, but she will acquire adult size, speed and strength in just four months, so you should learn not what to prepare for. Puppy and pet dog training classes offer a convenient venue to locate pet owners and observe dogs in action.

For a list of suitable trainers in your area, contact the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Your Golden may try to help around the house and retrieve your shoes unless you teach her not to.

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