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Barking and Dog Training

Stopping excessive barking is one of the most common reasons that people enroll in dog training. Dogs bark at a lot of things. They bark at strangers, they bark at other dogs, they bark at people they know. Some even bark at the moon.

Even worse, they bark at nothing.

If you’re living with a barking machine, here are some training tips that can help.

1. Deny Access to Barking Posts

Most dogs have a favorite spot to settle in and cause trouble. Whether it’s by the fence looking at to the street or by the door, they need a spot that gives them access to the neighborhood.

Deny him access to these spots. By re-arranging a few items, you can control the environment and limit his ability to see the items that get him going. This alone reduces the odds of your neighbors filing a complaint about your dog’s barking.

2. Manage Outside Time

Without doubt the most annoying times for your dog to bark are in the morning and at night. It’s bad enough that he makes noise during the day, but if you are messing with your neighbor’s sleep, they’ll get upset for sure.

So avoid letting him out early or late. When he does go out, be sure to supervise him and bring him in as soon as he’s done doing his business.

3. Bark Control Devices

There are several quality bark control items to consider. Citronella spray collars emit a poof of scented air in response to barking. Sonic collars emit a high pitched sound that irritates dogs. There are also sonic area control devices that will emit a high pitched sound in response to barking within the area.

Any of these will provide instant relief to you and your neighbors while causing only a low level of discomfort for your dog.

4. Doorbell Dog Barking

Many dogs bark loudly when the doorbell rings. To fix this you should stop letting him interact with people at the door. To him the doorbell equals excitement because he anticipates a guest that he will meet and sniff and maybe play with.

Not permitting him to meet people at the door cuts the excitement way down.

Another thing you can do is practice with a friend. Have them ring the doorbell and don’t answer. The more times he hears the doorbell without anything else happening, the less exciting it will be for him.

If the barking behavior persists, try filling a squirt bottle with water and spraying him a

few times. This is painless but sends the message that you disapprove of the behavior.

5. Exercise and Entertainment

Dogs will also bark because they are bored. Take him for more walks and provide him with interactive toys. An exercised dog rests; an unexercised dog looks for trouble.

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