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An Alternative to Raw Dog Food

The year 2007 was a scary year for us dog owners, to say the least. It seemed like everyday that summer another dog food manufacturer was announcing a recall because of the wheat and rice gluten used in their formulas. As a result, a lot of owners switched to making their own home cooked raw meals. If you are one of those that like the idea of feeding your canine a raw dog food diet, but find it inconvenient or not cost effective, there is another solution called EVO.

EVO dog food is a gently prepared diet that provides benefits that match a raw or home cooked high meat diet. It is the first grain free formula that provides all the benefits of modern nutrition in a safe, convenient, and cost effective natural food.

The main concept of this brand is to create diets that mimic what their ancestors ate. Those of the wild eat high amounts of protein and barely any grain, except for what is left in their prey’s stomach. EVO mimics this by using high quality, human consumable meats like duck, chicken and turkey. These protein sources offer a lot of benefits like that found in raw dog food, like stronger bones and muscles development. The essential fatty acids found in these sources also provide a thicker coat, healthier looking skin, and much more alertness.

One concern, caused by the dog food recalls, is the grains that are included in most brands. That’s why a lot of us switched to making are own raw diets. But EVO is one of a very few that does not use any grains in their formulas. This is not only of benefit to your pet because you don’t have to worry about rice or wheat gluten concerns, but also it is better for their digestive system if these ingredients are left out. Dog’s are carnivores, and their digestive tract is not engineered for the consumption and breakdown of grains such as rice, corn and wheat.

Another reason why EVO is an excellent alternative to a raw dog food diet is because they use a unique, low temperature cooking process that destroys harmful bacteria, while retaining critical nutrients and vitamins. This ensures a healthy, nutrient rich diet just like a raw dog food would provide.

EVO is an ideal food for dogs. It’s a great alternative to a raw diet or home prepared meal because it’s convenient, has a lot of the same nutrient value, and is cost effective.

Source by Robert Playoll

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