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Akita Care a Beginers Guide

Akitas are beautiful large breed dogs from Japan. They offer loyalty and companionship to their lucky masters. The breed has a history that goes back a thousand years. They go back to the times when dogs were used by hunters to track and run down food.

The Akita comes in all shapes and sizes. They are generally strong and large dogs but there are the occasional small ones. There are black Akitas, white Akitas, red Akitas, and brown. Akitas have long bushy fur and a triangular shaped muzzle much like others within the Spitz family. Whatever color or shape, the Akita is a very loyal dog that deserves the best care from you and your family.

The Akitas are generally low maintenance dogs that will find ways to exercise indoors. Because they are large athletic dogs, black Akitas or white Akitas, no matter what color, require a lot of food and exercise, otherwise it could adversely affect the dog’s health.

Bathing requirements of these dogs are light. They generally keep clean and only require minimal bathing. Too much bathing can remove the oils from their coats that give them the shine. Use a strong thick brush to remove excess hair. Give the dog two weeks and then give it a bath to remove any remaining excess hair.

Major shedding occurs twice a year and it usually happens during spring. The shedding process takes around several weeks and during this time your Akita needs the most grooming during these times.

It is important to give your dog plenty of food to eat. This helps maintain your dog’s vigor and body weight. These are large breed dogs and they need a high calorie intake to compensate for their active lifestyle. Akitas are prone to immune system disorders and thyroid problems so you may need to give your Akita some supplements. It is best to ask your veterinarian about food supplements. Veterinarians will also suggest a standard food plan for you. It would be best to follow the professional’s advice.

Since you have chosen the Akita to be your companion it is important to know that these dogs grow up to be big and strong. That is why it is vital that you train these dogs at an early stage. Akitas are known to have anti social behavior and bad reactions to strangers. Starting them out young can help them adjust to people earlier. Training regimen needs to incorporate social skills to avoid developing bad personalities when it come s to stranger and the general public.

Avoid tug of wars and pulling; this teaches the puppy behavior that is not desirable in adults. As much as possible, incorporate play with your training but do not sacrifice being strict. The Akita needs to know who his leaders are. Once he knows, then he should give you loyal companionship.

Akitas are great fun loving dogs that anyone is lucky to have, but a dog like this needs to be cared for and loved the right way.

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