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Aggressive Dog Behavior - How to Stop It

I remember when I had a black lab and I was very happy with the way it was around people. He never exhibited aggressive dog behavior. It always did well, the only problem was sometimes it got a little bit too excited when company came over and it would jump on them, but there was never any danger of the dog hurting anyone.

Then the first time I had my 7 year old niece over he was going crazy as we were coming through the door. My wife told me to grab our niece, but I did not sense any danger since our dog had never attacked anyone in our life, ever. To my horror, he knocked down my niece and bit her on the way down. She cried for a long time and I immediately became very worried. This was the first time he had shown aggressive dog behavior. What if he did this every time we are around children? What if we wanted to have children? Our dog is still very young and would be around our children when they were walking, most likely.

I thought about keeping my dog away from my niece the entire weekend, but I let him be around her. After a while he became used to her and the situation became fine. Obviously, I kept a close watch on my dog and my niece, but he did very well when he became used to her.

When someone is entering your house is when you have to be most careful about your dog showing aggressive dog behavior. Once they are settled in and your dog gets a chance to check out the new entrants, everything is normally fine.

Also, obviously you do not want to let guests near where your dogs eats or near its food. If you can, put their food and water bowl away. Or keep it in the basement not near where anyone goes.

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