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A Dog For the Family

Before deciding to bring a puppy or adult dog into your home do a little homework and learn all you can about what it means to have a dog. Do you want a “purebred” bought through a breeder? If so, be sure to check out the breeder and their facility. The responsible breeder will give you all the information on the puppy and be happy to answer questions you have. If possible you should be able to see the parents of the puppy so you can see what the puppy will look like as an adult. Many breeders give their puppies tests for dominance and tolerance for pain. The breeder may suggest which puppy is right for you and your family.

Selecting the right breed of dog for your family should be considered. Most dogs need exercising but some breeds demand more than others. Walking is a good exercise for any dog and should be done on a daily basis. You can read books on the different breed types which will give you a good idea of what it would be like to own a particular breed and what kind of care it requires. Long haired breeds will need more grooming to keep their coats in good condition. Many breeds need special trimming of their coat which means a trip to the dog groomer. Dogs should be given baths including flea and tick treatment when needed to keep them in good condition. Nails need regular trimming and many types of trimmers are available to the owner. If you find it too tricky to trim the nails yourself that is another job a professional groomer can handle. Having a groomer care for your pets by doing the bathing, brushing out the coat, trimming and other things can be very costly. So all these things should be considered before making a choice on the breed of dog you want.(1)

If you decide you want to select an all around good “mutt” you can check out your local dog pounds, animal shelters, or special rescue groups. They are a good places to find that special dog or puppy. Most dog pounds, shelters and rescue groups pretest their dogs for pain tolerance, temperament, and if they are friendly to other dogs and cats. Sometimes you can find a purebred dog at shelters or through rescue groups that deal only with specific breeds. The main consideration is finding the dog that fits in with your family and lifestyle.

Deciding whether to get a female or male is another decision you will have to make. Whichever one you choose be sure to have the dog spayed or neutered to help keep down the dog population.

The following is a list of supplies you will need for the new puppy or dog.

Brush & Comb

Chew Toys

6 ft. lt.weight leash

Dog Crate

Quality Dog Food

Flat or rolled collar (sized for dog) (not a slip (choke)

Nail trimmer

Water & Food Bowl


Poop Scooper

I.D. tag

Pet Stain Cleaner

(& plastic bags)

Lastly take your new puppy/dog to Veterinarian for health checkup and and vaccinations. Important to keep all vaccinations up to date including Heartworm preventative.(2)

Source: Internet

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