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5 Essential Elements of Effective Dog Training! How to Train Dog to Be an Obedient and Friendly Pet

Dog training how to is an art in itself. It requires a lot of patience and consistency but gives great results if implemented properly. If you want your pet to be a well-behaving and friendly pet you need to devote some time to obedience train him and teach him all the basics of living in a family. Below is the list of tips that will get you started.

1. Be an alpha male. Dogs are naturally pack animals and they need to have a pack leader above them or will take over this position for the sake of the group. You can’t let that happen or your pet might become uncontrollable and aggressive. A big part of the dog training how to is knowing how to show dominance over your pet. You can do it by being firm and consistent in giving commands, feeding him after you had your meal or rolling him onto his back once in a while.

2. Provide your dog with a shelter. Your pet will instinctively look for a ‘den’ inside your house. It is your responsibility to specify such place so that he can relax and hide from all the fuss of an every day life while staying in there. Make sure to put plenty of toys, food and water inside so that your pet doesn’t get bored or hungry. To make his new home seem more friendly and comfortable you can use one of your old t-shirts to cover his sleeping pad.

3. Train him to listen to you. One of the most basic elements of dog training how to is to teach your pet to obey the commands you give him. The easiest way to do it is to sign him up for a dog obedience class. This will not only help you control your pet’s behavior but also strengthen the relationship you have with him.

4. Toilet train your pet. This is one of the very first things you will need to do after bringing home a new puppy. There are many different housebreaking methods and I’ve read quite a few dog training how to guides in search of the best. So far crate training turned out to be the most effective and least frustrating, mainly because of it’s fast effects and fairly easy implementation.

5. Use positive reinforcement techniques. This is the most important part of the dog training how to. Do not punish your dog for doing the wrong thing, screaming or hitting him will only makes things worse and result in a stressed and confused pet. Instead, ignore your dog’s mistakes and bad behavior and reward only the good habits. You can either praise him cheerfully, hug or give tasty treats – all of these will work really well because dogs love to be touched or given food for pleasing their owners.

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