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5 Benefits of Brewer's Yeast for Dogs and Cats

The most common reason to use brewers yeast for dogs (or cats) is for its multitude of health and nutritional benefits. Brewer’s yeast is rich in essential nutrients such as zinc and protein which make it a perfect nutritional supplement for pet’s skin and coats. While making sure that your little friend has a healthy coat of hair and nice skin is important, brewer’s yeast actually has numerous benefits.

1. Skin-conditioning and shedding control

Perhaps the most common reason for giving your dog or cat yeast is to improve the health of their skin and coat. One of the key nutritional components of most brewer’s yeast supplements is biotin. Biotin is very important for healthy skin and a healthy coat. Another essential nutrient is zinc which also supports healthy skin.

2. Other ingredients provide additional health benefits

Most yeast for dogs supplements come packed with additional ingredients such as garlic with provide further nutritional benefits for your pets skin and coat as well as helping will other important issues such as digestion. Brewer’s yeast formula are often high in certain proteins, amino acids, and phosphorous.

3. Good nutrition makes for a happy and active pet

The old saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ can also be applied to pets. Have you ever seen that television show on Discovery Channel about the dog whisperer? Unhappy animals can make for a very stressed out owner. Supplements such as yeast help provide a more nutritionally balanced pet, which in turn equals a more active and happy pet.

4. Brewers yeast for dogs can help dog digestive problems

The most common use of yeast for dogs, as detailed above is for healthy skin and coat; however, yeast is also a recommended supplement to help with digestive problems in bogs.

5. Brewer’s yeast can help control fleas

Natural flea control remedies are highly sought after by pet owners, especially those that are reluctant to use chemicals or traditional medicines to prevent fleas from infesting their pets. Yeast creates a subtle odor in the skin of pets (not noticeable by humans) that deters fleas.

While yeast may sound like the ‘magic blue pill’ for your pet, remember that it’s also best to consult with a veterinarian before beginning any new nutritional or supplemental routine with your animal. It’s important to understand that pet nutrition is a holistic subject matter and involves a calculated balance of different formulas. While yeast is high in certain proteins and amino acids, it is often recommended that pet owners supplement it with calcium to balance out the phosphorous and cod liver oil (for vitamin A and vitamin D) which helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

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