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5 Amazing Tricks To Achieve A Successful Dog Training Session

Although actions, behavior, commands or cues can be taught to a dog at any time during his life, experts encourage dog parents to start training their dogs as early as their first year. It is ideal to set aside even 10 to 15 minutes each day to start teaching your dogs – it will be you who will benefit in the long run.

Here are 5 effective tips and tricks to follow to make your dog training session a success:

Keep them short

A dog's attention span, especially a puppy's, is relatively short. They are also very easily distracted that's why it's important to keep training sessions not longer than 15 minutes. It could be even shorter during the first few times as your dog is just starting to get a feel of "training". Don't force it once he gets bored, there's always tomorrow for another session.

Choose the right location

As mentioned, dogs are easily distracted. It is best to choose a training area that's not busy and with the least distractions around – perhaps a quiet bedroom in your house. Too much noise or activity in the surroundings will greatly affect your dog's concentration and ultimately, your training session.

Teach one command at a time

When training your pet, it is best that he learn and master one command at a time for each session. Sticking to one command helps improve his concentration and focus. Teaching different lessons in one session will confuse your dog and the longer it will take for you to achieve your goal.

Practice outside of training sessions

When you're teaching your pet basic commands such as come, fetch, down and stay, it is best that he practice the lessons outside of your training sessions. This gives him the chance to apply what he's learned in every day life. For example, reinforcing commands like "come" and "fetch" during playtime will also help your dog associate training with fun, making him more enthusiastic to learn.

Always end on a positive note

One of the best and fastest ways that dogs learn is when they enjoy your training sessions. Like mentioned above, keep the sessions short and rewarding. When your pet displays good behavior, give him a treat and end the session there. This helps him look forward to future training sessions.

Follow these 5 simple tricks when training your dog and you're sure to have a successful session!

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