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3 Tips to Control a Disobedient Dog

Many dogs are very disobedient. They tend to show some unpleasing behaviors such as jumping on guests and frequent digging. Do you want to have dogs that would scare visitors away? Of course not! You should take control and try to teach your dogs how to stay obedient. Controlling disobedient dogs are very possible. If you have any problems regarding your dog’s behavior, this article may actually help you with these three tips to control your dog:

  1. Do leadership exercises – Leadership exercises are important to control disobedient dogs. Your dog need to know who the dominant person for him is. They need to have strong leaders so that it is possible for the dog to obey some commands. You can actually teach your dog to understand that you are the leader by controlling some of their activities. You should be able to take charge and control his eating, playing, sleeping and house breaking rules. Always take control of him.

  2. Give calming toys – Calming toys are very important to keep your dogs from being disobedient. It will be easier for you to control and manipulate them when you know they have recognized their calming toys. You can actually calm your dog by giving these toys to them. They will learn that they need to calm down every time you give them their toy.

  3. Do some obedience training – Obedience training is very vital for every disobedient dog. As early as their puppy days, trainings are important to make them realize that there are things that should not be done. They should be able to learn to stop their disobedience when they are scolded. Basic and simple training tips are teaching your dog to sit, down, stay and no commands. This can actually help them stay obedient.

You can actually control your disobedient dog. You can consider these three tips given above to make sure your visitors will no longer be scared upon visiting your house. People may get scared because you have disobedient dogs at home. Train them and keep your relationships as open as possible!

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