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3 Steps to Keep Your Dog From Jumping on Your and Your Guests

Step One:

Before you can solve any problem you need to know the root of the problem. Jumping at its root is a purely attention getting behavior. Dogs jump to get attention from their owners so the first thing you want to do to stop the jumping is to ignore the jumping completely. I know that sounds like a lot to do because jumping is so annoying but it is the most important part to stopping the jumping altogether.

Step Two:

Now that you have started ignoring the behavior you want to find a behavior to replace the jumping. This is called “counter conditioning.” One example of counter conditioning is to teach your dog to sit or lay down instead of jumping. If a dog is sitting or lying down it makes jumping harder on the dog.

Focus on a single behavior that the dog does well. Most dogs can learn to sit fairly easily.

Once you get a good solid sit or down cue taught you can use this behavior to stop the jumping. During those times your dog jumps the most ask your dog to sit. When your dog sits reward them with a treat, praise or a toy.

Step Three:

Reinforce, reinforce and reinforce some more. All training must be maintained and to maintain the behavior you need to reinforce the good behaviors that you have worked on replacing the bad behaviors. In this case we are ignoring your dogs jumping behavior and reinforcing the new behavior the sit or the down or whatever behavior you use to replace the jumping behavior.

Motivation is the key to getting your dog to do anything that you want. If your dog is not motivated the dog will not work. So when you are working on this problem remember that your reinforcement must be more motivational than the motivation to jump on you or the guests you have over.

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