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3 Simple Ways to Deal With Dog Biting Problems! Learn How to Stop Your Dog From Hurting People!

A lot of new dog owners have to deal with dog biting problems and they often use completely wrong methods that only make things worse (screaming, violence etc.). When fighting with dog biting problems two steps are necessary: identify the cause and eliminate it. In this article I will share with you some of the most common reasons for your dog biting and nipping people and explain how to get rid of them so that your four-legged friend can become an easy-going and obedient pet.

Dealing With Dog Biting Problems Part 1 – Let Him Socialize

If your dog was taken from his litter mates too early he didn’t manage to learn bite inhibition and may think that biting others is fun. It is best not to take the pup from his mother until he is 10 weeks old because he looses the chance to play-fight with his brothers and sisters and learn what is considered pleasant and what is simply painful. You can emulate your dog’s family conditions by taking him to the park where he can socialize with other animals and play with them. He will stop biting as soon as he learns on his own skin that it hurts.

Dealing With Dog Biting Problems Part 2 – Ease His Pain

If you have a puppy it is highly likely that he is going through the teething period which is associated with a lot of pain and itching. Your dog will try to find a relief by chewing, biting and nipping and it is your job to redirect this habit onto more appropriate things. The best way to help your dog is to soak a piece of cloth, put it into the freezer and then give it to your pup. Not only will it distract him from biting parts of your body but also ease his pain and provide him with a lot of entertainment (crushed ice makes a lot of interesting sounds).

Dealing With Dog Biting Problems Part 3 – Make Him Tired

A lot of dogs bite because they are looking for a way to release all the energy accumulated during the day. You can deal with dog biting problems by providing your pet with a bit of exercises so that he gets tired and prefers sleeping over anything else.

Start taking him on regular walks where he will get a chance to play games with you, run around and socialize with other animals and do a bit of obedience training. You won’t believe how exhausting for your dog can a 10 minute training session be (he has to process a lot of data in order to understand simple commands).

In order to fight dog biting problems more effectively make sure to combine all three methods mentioned above!

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