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3 Myths About Drinks

When it comes down to sodas, juices and water, there are many different beliefs regarding the benefits and dietary downfalls associated with each. In this article I will reveal a few beverage related myths which are sure to surprise a lot of readers.

  1. Myth number one states that diet soda is healthier than regular soda. A lot of people switch to diet soda because they feel that they can improve their health. However, the only good thing about a diet pop is that it has fewer calories. There is absolutely nothing healthy about artificially flavored and colored water.

  2. It is far less fattening to drink juice than it is to drink milk. Man of us set milk aside because we feel that it is far too rich. However, majority of juices contain even more calories than a glass of 1 % milk. Even 2 % milk has fewer calories than most fruit juices. So before you push that milk aside, read the nutrition facts label and get your numbers straightened out.

  3. Drinking wine instead of beer is a great way of avoiding a beer belly. Those of us who believe that wine contain fewer calories than beer are seriously mistaken. On a per ounce basis, wine is much more caloric than beer. Furthermore, all calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the abdomen. So no matter what alcoholic beverage you may be dinking, it will lead to a beer-belly.

These are just some of the common myths about drinks. If you want to lose weight than you definitely have to pay attention to your food and beverage intake. There are several other tools which can help you lose weight fast. All natural diet pills and NutriMelt whey protein shakes are among the most popular dietary aids out there.

Source by Sue Smith

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