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3 Easy Ways to Stop Dog Chewing!

So you are one of the many people who have just gotten a new best friend and you want your dog to stop chewing, whether it be a puppy or a grown dog. There is also the possibility that you have had this friend for awhile and he/she is behaving badly and leaving a path of destruction in your home. That’s ok, I will give you three ways to stop dog chewing and by the way they are very easy.

Step #1- If you just brought your furry friend home and have not doggy proofed your house or apt. yet then it needs to be done. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well the thing about dogs and puppies is they like to get in to all sorts of things that they are not used to especially if it is a new environment to them because they are anxious. So if cabinets are easily accessible to your dog then they can get into them and start chewing and having a hay day with the food and even with all the house hold cleaners which i’m sure you know is very dangerous. So just make some homemade rigs to lock the doors to cabinets, tuck away those wires that have been hanging around,pick up clothes etc. Just think of the dog as a little baby which it pretty much is. Out of sight out of mind the wont find it to chew it.

Step#2- This step deals with most people including my self when I first started with my two dogs. I like to think of it as “setting up for failure”. This means you cannot give your dog something to chew on that may be raggedy and yell or hit him/her when they chew on the same thing but its your favorite. That was vague so here is and example. Let’s say you have a favorite pair of socks that you just love they are reliable tough strong you just love them. But you also have all kinds of holy stained no good socks so you think well I will just give them to “Dusty” (your dog)no harm he can have a hay day chewing on them. So he does then one day you leave and he goes snooping around and finds your favorite socks in the laundry and starts chewing them. You get home and get angry. That is an example of setting up for failure. “Dusty” doesn’t know the difference between good socks and bad he just knows he was given a pair as toys so they all are to him. So stick with dog toys is the moral of the story.

Step#3- This last step is by far the easiest and will be the shortest explanation. Give your dog lots of toys from the pet store! It is as simple as that and as easy. The more toys he/she has the happier they are the more occupied they are so the don’t have to go looking for things to tear up and the happier you are right? Like I stated earlier dogs and puppies especially are like babies or small children they need to be kept occupied in order for them to stay out of trouble. You would buy your kids toys, so you have to buy your dog toys as well.

Those three ways to stop dog chewing are what I found to be the best with my dogs. Dog Proof, Don’t set up for failure, and give them lots of toys. Easy as pie.

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