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10 Powerful Dog Training Tips You Simply Cannot Ignore!

Don’t forget to supplement your extensive research and reading with a few positive dog training tips! There are plenty of great, comprehensive books and resources out there, but there is no such thing as a “complete” guide. Fill in some of the blanks with these ten helpful tidbits of advice!

01. It’s Never Too Early to Start

It doesn’t matter if your have a nano-pup or a great big adoptee – the moment your canine enters the home, he or she is going to need some basic structure! It may be tempting to slip a table scrap down to Scruffy on the first day of his residence, but these habits are difficult to undo. Start off on the right foot and stick to your guns.

02. Use Healthy, Organic Treats

Tasty treats are a great way to reinforce positive behaviors. They can be used as rewards, incentives, or just reminders for your pup when she’s behaving properly. Certain training methods require that owners go through a large amount of treats in a day – so don’t cheap out! Go with healthy, holistic, organic options that won’t fatten up your precious pup.

03. Don’t Dismiss the Crate

Everybody has seen a “sticky dog“. These rascals are always attached to mom or dad at the elbow, and throw quite an impressive hissy fit when left alone. One of the most valuable dog training tips that an owner can receive is to acclimate their pet to the crate as soon as possible. Make it a safe, relaxing place that your pup loves to be. Use this area as a “haven” so that your canine can gain a sense of independence.

04. Prevention is the Best Medicine

Nothing is worse than dog training tips that don’t address the root of the problem. Many dogs act out or misbehave because a basic need isn’t being fulfilled: entertainment, exercise, health, or attention. Then again, sometimes they act out simply because their bad behavior is self-rewarding, like when they jump on the counter for a tasty treat. Remove the incentive (the food on the counter) and watch these behaviors disappear.

05. Give Clickers a Chance

Clicker training is a simple, effective way to communicate with your canine. The moment they successfully perform a request, you click and treat. The “click” becomes associated with the treat, and your pet will quickly learn that they haven’t succeeded until they hear that magic sound.

06. Punishments Hurt Everyone

Yelling or swatting at the canine may be a short-term solution to a behavior problem, but these extreme tactics are NOT worth it. Punishment by intimidation or pain will only teach your dog that he must be sneakier about his mischief. Harsh corrections also damage the pet’s trust, confidence, and emotional health. Always opt for positive reinforcement.

07. Train the “Big Cues

Sit, down, heel, come, and stay are the “big cues” – the foundations of proper behavior. If your pet will respond to these cues 100% of the time then you’ll be able to stop mistakes before they happen. All dog training tips work better if your pet has a grasp of these important commands.

08. Reward the Small Breakthroughs

Don’t wait until training time to reward your pet for good behavior. Learn to appreciate and reward the small efforts: like lying calmly when friends come over, or keeping wet noses out of grocery bags.

09. Ease Up on the Accelerator

Don’t get worried if Scruffy stops progressing or loses interest in training. If the rewards and incentives are there, he should be fully prepared to interact and get involved – but if he acts bored or uncertain, maybe you just need to take a step back and retrain some basics.

10. All You Need is “Fun

If you enjoy training, then your pet will enjoy being trained. Don’t let something as necessary as learning become a chore for you or your canine. Stay positive and enthusiastic – and your canine should follow suit! No amount of dog training tips can make up for a lack of motivation.

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